Our Market

Freshest fruits and vegetables, salads like chicken, tuna or seafood

There’s a little something for everyone’s taste buds at Meat Spot. In our market you will always find the freshest fruits and vegetables in our produce case. These are the same products we use for our popular salads and dishes. In our dairy case these is an assortment of our own fresh made salads like chicken, tuna or seafood. We also prepackage many of our cuts of beef, pork and lamb for easy shopping. Don't forget the Boar's Head sausages like Sopressata and Hot Sopressata. Serve them sliced on a tray with cubes of Bel Gioioso's Sharp Provolone and garnished with the latest melon in season. For something a little different, we carry Gourmet 95% fat free tortillas in flavors like Garden Vegetable & Spinach. And don’t forget about our cheese wedges like the classic BelGioioso Italian favorites Fontina, Parmesan and Provolone as well as Rosalia’s Trattoria Romano Cheese. We feature many Boar’s Head products including bars of their famous Canadian Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses. Rounding out our dairy case cheeses is Amish Country’s Creamy Havarti which goes great with any Boar’s Head Deli meat and your favorite lavash or pita bread.

In our grocery section you will find imported Italian pastas, canned tomatoes, a variety of Goya products. For healthy snacking we carry Terra Chips featuring Yukon Gold Potato Chips. And, of course, we carry the complete line of New England’s own Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Potato Chips. From specialty foods to grocery essentials like bacon, eggs and bread, Meat Spot is your one spot for shopping. Come in today and see what’s cooking in our kitchen or gather all the ingredients you need for that special dinner in one spot – Meat Spot!